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EmmyDr. Patsy, as she is being affectionately called by her fans, has kicked off 2016 with a plethora of opportunities to utilize both her talents and education.
          Musically, the PATSY TORRES BAND is going strong as they tour to support their new recordings. But because Dr. Patsy loves all styles of music and has the talent and ability to sing and perform them, she has developed an alternate group by the name of BLUE HARMONY which specializes in special presentations for corporate conventions all over the country performing popular music, oldies, classics, and Jazz, from past to present.
          She also celebrates the rich Hispanic culture of mariachi music by regularly performing with popular mariachi groups in her beautiful Mexican outfits and belting out traditional favorites.
          The POSITIVE FORCE TOUR is also going strong performing for schools, colleges, youth organizations, and community outreach programs with a variety of different programs now available.
          Dr. Patsy stays grounded with her faith, performing with TEJANOS FOR CHRIST group consisting of Tejano legends Sonny Ozuna, Rene Rene, and Rudy T. whom perform for churches all around the country raising funds and salvation as they share their personal stories and testimonials. She is currently working on her next Christian CD.
          On the educational front, in addition to her many speaking engagements as an “edutainer”, Dr. Patsy is an associate with ASI Professionals, a new organization of seasoned practitioners in the fields of organizational and leadership development, training, organizational learning, education, and psychological services. Thier Employee Development Program (EDP) focuses on developing the personhood of the employee as a key variable in achieving professional effectiveness in service to others.
          Just recently, Dr. Patsy has begun teaching singing lessons for a new youth oganization called NSPIRE A CHILD. Her objective is to focus on the individual talents of the student and develop a strong and healthy vocal technique as well as vocal expression, interpretation and performance that is unique to each student. The curriculum is flexible and student-centered in order to best suit student needs.

Patsy has just released her latest CD “Mi Inspiracion”. It is her most personal album yet. You can download it from ITUNES or order the complete CD right here!

Currently, Patsy is working on a new Christian CD to be released in the fall. There is also talk of a Christmas album! Music videos are in the works and you will see them first right here!


The Positive Force Tour is bigger and better than ever! Dr. Patsy and the band will be gearing up for the new school season!

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