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Introducing: The Positive Force Tour 2016-2017

The Positive Force Tour (PFT inc.) is a unique high-energy 60 min. musical program of singing, dancing, dramatic skits, and testimonials delivering a message of hope and direction to school kids all over the country. The show stars International recording artist Patsy Torres and her 16-member cast of musicians, dancers, actors, and technicians. The troupe captivates their audience with state of the art “concert” sound and light equipment, special effects, and the latest in pop music, dance moves, and fashions as they educate students on the prevention of alcohol and drug abuse, gangs, suicide, teen pregnancy, dropping out, peer pressure, and low self esteem in a hip and down to earth style kids can relate to. All shows are performed at the schools during school hours and allows faculty and community leaders to participate in the presentation. This program is suggested for grades 6th through 12th.
(A new “PFT Mini-concert” is now available for elementary & middle schools)

PFT has been touring and changing lives for over 16 years. The show was originally developed to meet the needs of the youth of San Antonio. By using a variety of musical styles and dramatical skits, the show was able to entertain and communicate with the many diverse cultures of the community. After seeing the concert, students were approaching their counselors and asking for more information, admitting they were on drugs, quitting gangs, staying in school, picking up their grades, and improving their self-image. When word spread about the success of the concert’s effect on its audiences, the show was requested in neighboring cities and towns. Again, the wide-ranging content of the program was able to captivate the new audiences.

Today, simply by word of mouth, PFT has been invited to schools all over the country, performing for all cultures of youth (including an Apache school on a Reservation in Arizona). The program now strives to meet the needs of the youth of the whole country.

At a time when teens seem to be so unreachable, PFT is bridging the gap and making a positive difference in their lives –- a positive force.

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